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IG110BD, England. United Kingdom
IG110BD, England. United Kingdom

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Ocean Drill Services LLC, is a Contract Drilling Company that services the oil & gas industry. We also specializes in rig mobilization and rig manufacturing. Extended its operations to the Gas & Oil Service sector of the United Kingdom. Our


In addition to the redevelopment of its legacy oil and gas fields utilizing new exploration and development technology, Ocean Drill Services LLC is focused on


OCEAN DRILL SERVICES LLC COMPANY OF PERU Ocean Drill Services of Peru L.L.C., Sucursal del Perú (HOCP) is part of the Camisea Consortium and holds


Positioning the company for the future, Ocean Drill Services Company is one of the few independent oil and gas companies with LNG projects as a


Ocean Drill Services LLC has a rich heritage of international exploration, having conducted seismic survey and drilling operations in a variety of climactic conditions, both

Clean Energy

Clean Energy Holds huge promise worldwide, which is why Ocean Drill Services LLC dedicates to providing global energy solutions goes beyond conventional energy sources. Looking to a future that increasingly

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