Ocean Drill Services LLC, is a Contract Drilling Company that services the oil & gas industry. We also specializes in rig mobilization and rig manufacturing. Extended its operations to the Gas & Oil Service sector of the United Kingdom. Our well-versed staff and management work together from the inception to make the brand name a pioneer in the Gas and Oil Service sector of United Kingdom

Ocean Drill Services LLC Technical experts have vast experience in the oil industry to cater various oil and gas services to the valuable customers. Our clients can utilize our Technical Competency in the fields like installation, trouble shooting, commissioning ,supervision, machinery diagnostics, etc. Petroleum, the complex mixture of crude oil and gas formed naturally in the ground and formed millions of years ago. Crude oil varies from wells to wells in various properties. Our field experts will guide you to identify the matching service to suit your needs. 

Ocean Drill Services LLC always tries to deliver Quality Service to its customers from the beginning. From the beginning our Oil and Gas Service Section formulated a Quality Policy to follow to ensure the services are being delivered in International Standards. Our team is capable of handling complicated tasks in the Oil and Gas Fields like Drilling, Cementing, Rig Sense, Stimulation treatment to enhance the productivity of well, Gauge Repair and Calibration, Industrial Chemical Jobs using World Class Catalysts, Survey of steam facilities in refineries and petrochemical plants, commissioning of projects, design of process operation, fabrication of high-pressure equipments, Finding Corrosion or leakage, Disposal of equipments, Implementing Quality Standards for Environmental-Health-Safety, etc